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This is our LOPS page. 


 ANT's Big foot

DOB: 10/23/2006

Gribi's Excalibur X ANT's Ruby Princess

Broken Blue tort Senior buck

Big foot has been to a minimal amount of shows as he is one of the two English lop bucks that I saved back from my original lines that consist of Dara Gribi's, and Parkers. His dad came from Dara and placed 9th in his class during Bunny nationals in Indianapolis Indiana. His grandfather won nationals the prior year in Rhode Island. His mother placed high in her class during Lop Nationals in Leavenworth Kansas. He has very strong genetics behind him and should have some awesome babies to go on the tables! We are very proud to have him in our rabbitry. He has awesome ears with a length of 27 X 7. They have a very nice texture and density to them. His condition is excellent and he is always ready to put on the show table. He has a very good top line and hindquarters. He has nice broad shoulders and good thick bone. He is just too old to compete in the shows.


ANT's Little Excalibur 

DOB: 05/19/2006 

Broken Black tort SR buck.

Dara's Excalibur X Parkers Lady Mallificent

Little Calibur is starting to get older. He is a big boy, very massive with nice sized bones. Excellent ear length and thickness to ears. Very nice herd buck. Excellent quality buck thanks Parkers and Dara!




Cedar Trail's Ariel

Broken Black Tort Junior doe

DOB: May 01 2010

Cedar Trails Nala

Solid Blue tort junior doe

DOB: May 01 2010

1st in class BOB Sedalia MO show

Expecting Little Excalibur's babies due May 05th 2011.

Campbell's Noel

Solid Fawn

DOB: April 27 2010

Her lineage traces back to my lines. Little Excalibur is her great Grandpa! 

1 1st in class during show B BOS Sedalia Mo show.

Expecting Big Foot's babies Due May 05 2011

(Palpates positive)


LL's Hope (Solid orange doe)
Very nice girl out of lotsa lops rabbitry. Love the thickness of the ears on her. Trying to put some weight on her before breeding. She has some very nice colors behind her such as blue steel. Can't wait to see what her babies look like!


Aubrey Tatoo: ALVD 1 GC leg BOB

Gold tipped steel Senior doe

DOB 3/11/09

Sire: Schmidt's ALV - gt steel

Dam: Joss Decenze J236 - broken gt steel

Aubrey is a very georgious little doe. We expect her to do well on the show tables. She has amazing body type.

Expecting babies with SID due May 11th 2011.



Schmidt's Tinley Tatoo: T4  1 GC leg BIC

2 BOB legs at Sedalia MO Sept 25 2010

2nd in class at Montgomery CIty 2010.

Broken gold tipped steel senior doe

DOB: 4/30/2009

sire: Schmidt's N31 - broken black

dam: Schmidt's N36 - black 

Very nice looking little girl.  She should have some awesome show babies for us. She is the start to our broken Mini lop program. 

Expecting babies with Nike due May 11 2011.


ANT'S Nemo (3GC legs)


Solid blue chinchilla

Shahan's Lainey X Hartel's Garrett

He was the pick of the litter from the beginning as I loved his color and knew I was keeping him as soon as I saw him. We winded up loosing Lainey right after weaning her litter. So that made it even more reason to keep him as Lainey was my baby. Then we found out he was nice for show and he started winning legs. He is now retired to breeding.  We hope to get some awesome babies from this sweet guy.


(Picture coming soon hopefully)

The Kids Dimes


Broken black chinchilla

Schmidt's Tinley X AnT's Nemo

He is a nice little buck a bit long in type but should produce some very nice babies. He is also a blue carrier!

(Picture coming soon hopefully)

The Kids SID


Broken chestnut

Schmidt's Tinley X AnTs Nemo

This little guy is a nice looking little buck. Looking forward to seeing how he matures. He placed 27 out of 46 during our first national show! We are very proud of him. He is expecting babies in our rabbitry!

VT's Mudpie (Nike)

DOB: November 05 2011

VT's Stud Muffin X Smokey's Steel

Broken chocolate buck. Very nice little guy. Have big hopes for this little guy. Came from Velvet Touch rabbitry in Oregon. Won a class before we got him. No leg though. He is expecting babies in our rabbitry.

His Daddy is VT's Stud Muffin with 9 GC legs


Hoppin's Autumn

Broken chocolate chinchilla

Hoppin's Landon X Hoppin's Krissi

DOB: Feb 11 2011

 Have high hopes for her. She has an awesome looking top line for such a young little girl. Should produce some chocolates for us. Go here to see pictures here are pictures of her: "Broken chocolate chinchilla doe # 2"

Her Daddy is "Hoppins Landon"

Her Mommy is Hoppins Krissie

Todd's Libby

Blue gold tipped steel

DOB: July 11 2011

Todd's T739 chestnut agouti X Todd's T716 Black 

She is a very nice show doe. Placed high in her class at nationals. They weren't going to sell her but we talked them into it. Very proud to have her here! Hoping for some blue's out of her. She is expecting babies with Nike.


ANT's Honey (1 BOSV GC Junior leg) BOSB at Montgomery City 2010 

B & N's Patty X ANT's Brato (3GC legs)


Honey is a very nice doe. She is a broken tort just like her mom and dad. Her first time out she won her first BOB leg. We are so proud to have her in our rabbitry. She is a great mother having nice small litters and taking such good care of them.

She is expecting babies with Zeus.

The Kid's Feisty


Broken black tortoise

AnT's Honey X B & N's Zues

Feisty is a tiny little onary girl. With a lot of personality. She did very well during her first show, a lot better then I expected she won her class! Not enough for a leg however.

Expecting babies with ANT's Squirt.