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Marten's Rosebud (Clover) (Hasn't been shown due to breeding)

Light Gray

Ear #: ME240

wieght at 6 months : 13 pounds

DOB: 10/19/2009

BR's Juniper (white) wieght 15 pounds 4 GC legs X Merten's Fiona wieght 15.4 pounds 2 GC legs(steel gray)

Clover  won BOSV light gray at the national show in Sedalia MO this year 2010. She is VERY long with a beatiful coat and awesome hindquarters. She is very sweet.!
Her lines are Clouses and Langley's. She got some good and some bad comments at the Montgomery City missouri show in 2010 she needs to fill out a bit. But, she should fill out more with age! She came from Merten's family Flemish in Thorp WI.

 Clover is expecting babies May 05 2011 with Little Buddy.


Browns Little Buddy

Ear # TBS2

Steel gray

DOB: 2/10/2010

Russell's B2FR Black 17 pounds X Brown's 7102 light gray 18 pounds

His daddy won BOV in the black variety at the national Flemish show 2010. His name is Little Buddy after Dan's first Flemish Giant "Buddy.'

His lines are mainly Russell's.He is now retired from the show world and into the breeding world. He has received excellent comments at every judging and no longer needs to attend shows. He is a very sweet bunny and very loved by Dan, myself, and the kids.

 He got excellent comments at the Montgomery City Mo Show in 2010!
He won Best of Breed at the Sedalia Mo show on Septmeber 25 2010 in show B. He won Best of Variety in show A.

Little Buddy is expecting a litter with Taylor's Berries and Bunnies. We will be getting a doe from this litter for the breeding.

The Taylors have a live webcam that you can watch of their doe's (Grace's) and Little Buddy's babies. Go to the "Live bunny cam" to see. We have babies! We have at least 6 light gray and whites. DOB: 04/13/2011

Their website: