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Doggies and puppies

We have two female cocker girls Missy and Fiona, and our boy Day. We are planning on keeping Tonka back to replace his parents. The only breeding that will be done, will be to produce show winning cocker spaniels that should help improve the quality of the breed by adding some beautiful colors to champion quality Cocker's with excellent personalities. Fiona is AKC reg and so is Day. Day has many champions on his pedigree he is a show dog through and through. Missy is APRI reg and is a beautiful deep chocolate color. Tonka is also AKC reg.

This is our little blue merle boy Tonka. He is Fiona and Days baby. He is turning out really nicely! I am very impressed with him so far. He is our only pup for 2010. 

We also have our pet Dixie who is a Australian Shephard girl. She is a great dog. Dixie isn't registered.


Missy and Day are expecting a litter of babies. The colors that are expected are chocolate, black, and silver. They should be born on June 29th 2011. We are very excited to see our babies and watching Missy closely during her pregnancy. We will alert the vet to her expecting as she gets closer and possibly have an ultrasound done. Watch websites for updates closer to delivery! Day is AKC reg and Missy is APRI so puppies will be APRI reg.