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Doggies and puppies

We are getting out of raising doggies for a bit until our children get older and we have more time to donate to the pups. Missy and Desi are now looking for new loving homes. They will go to pet homes only as they are too sweet to be in a kennel situation.

Dixie is our Miniature Aussie girl. She has taken to Dan the most. He just loves her, she is mainly his doggie. She is red-tri and CKC registered. She is almost a year old. She will be staying as our pet.

The cocker spaniels are mainly Alicia's. Her puppy is Day as he is always playful and sweet. He comes from a long line of champions and is AKC registered. He could be a champion himself if we would show him! Day will be staying as our pet

Fiona is AKC APR registered and she is a blue merle girl that came from Kristina Jordan of Jordan Family Kennels. She is 5 years old this year. Fiona will find a home this fall.

Missy is our chocolate cocker spaniel that is 3 years old. She is ACA registered. She is looking for a new home $100 re-homing fee to a good home only!

Desi is our black and tan guy. He has some goergious colored puppies that we arehoping to make show quality by combining his genetics with Days genetics through their puppies. Desi will be looking for a good home. He is $50 to a good farm home only. He IS NOT an inside dog.

Here are some puppy pictures! Of our little girl Precious she will be staying with us and will be Caden and Kylee's puppy doggie.